After a surprise visit by Delhi deputy CM , Deputy Director of Education suspended

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Delhi’s deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia on Friday announced the suspension of the deputy director of education after his surprise visit to a government school in Alipur area of the capital.

The Minister says he was ‘shocked’ to see the condition of government boys school which was ‘ill-maintained by the authorities.’ He termed it as “horrific, filthy” and “disorderly.”

Taken aback by this, the minister ordered on the spot suspension of the Deputy Director of Education (Distt-NW) Officer, along with the termination of the school principal.

It was also revealed that the Deputy Director had not visited the school in last five years.

Sisodia said he had seen “broken rooms” in the name of classrooms. In addition, teachers’ vehicles were parked in empty classrooms and students were packed in halls.

The students informed Sisodia that they had “never seen” their Chemistry Lab assistant. Hearing this, Sisodia ordered “compulsory retirement” of the assistant.

The minister said that the “government will not tolerate any officials who put the future of our children at stake”.

Sisodia had gone there to spread awareness on dengue among the students.


  1. This is what makes the AAP govt. different from others. No other party can dare take such decision because they have a share in all corrupt money and stand to gain by corrupt practices. Hats off!

  2. Hats off to Deputy CM Manish Sisodia. It’s so rare to see an elected official do his job. It’s sad that in our time, an age where we aspire to become a global power, inspiration is not drawn not from people doing extraordinary things but merely from people doing their job. Once again a salute to Deputy CM for doing justice to position.

  3. Great step by Manish Sidodia! Babus who do not perform should be kicked out immediately. This will also help in saving Govt’s money spent on unnecessary salaries.

    • under his jursidiction the school fate is like that, why not resign Dy Cm from his post for neglecting above school for these many days after comming into administrate Delhi schools


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