‘Achhe din’ will take 25 years, says BJP president Amit Shah


BJP president Amit Shah has said that the ‘achhe din’ promised by his party before coming into power will take 25 years to be achieved realistically.

While adding that a mere five-year BJP rule cannot take the country to the top of the world, Shah said that the BJP would need to win elections at every level of the state machinery to regain the admiration that India enjoyed before the British Raj.

The leader, however, promised that the PM Narendra Modi-led government can bring down inflation, draft strong foreign policies, ensure secure borders, achieve economic development, provide jobs and remove poverty.

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal has questioned BJP on this matter, saying indirectly that the party had promised Achhe Din in the lead-up the elections last year only to garner votes.

Amit Shah’s comments will cause huge embarrassment to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who in his election rallies had urged voters to give him 60 days as opposed to 60 years of Congress’ rule to ensure achche din for Indian.

Shah, in the past, had embarrassed the party by confessing that promise of achche din by the PM was a mere chunavi jumla (election stunt).

The BJP though said that Shah had been wrongly quoted by the media.

BJP secretary and media cell in-charge Shrikant Sharma said,” Shah said the BJP government has curbed corruption and brought down inflation. It is working to end corruption and create many jobs in five years. But the dream of making India ‘Vishwa guru (world leader) will take 25 years to realise.”