Abortion is the remedy for population control: Education Chhattisgarh style


Chhattisgarh education is causing a ‘revolution’ of sorts. In September, the government textbook for class X said that “working women are one of the causes of unemployment in country.”

Now a chapter in social science from the class X describes abortion as a remedy for population control. The chapter on population explosion also claims that women in India have high fertility rate due to hot climate.

As expected, the opposition has slammed the government for such misleading and ‘illogical’ content being taught to young and impressionable minds in government schools.

Congress has alleged that the BJP government is serving partial and biased knowledge through the text books.

Other organizations and women associations too have expressed objections to the content in textbook.

The bizarre content was pointed out by students themselves after the most curious amongst them reported and questioned after reading the content on page number 211 in the book that said, “As remedy of population explosion: For safe abortion modern hospitals and nursing homes, equipped with necessary facility should be set up in large number which will help reduce birth rate.”

24-year-old Soumya Garg, who is volunteering as teacher to tribals, said that students at age of 15-16 have ignited minds that need right guidance but CGBSE textbooks’ contents instill concepts of gender inequality and violation of human rights.

“While all books are supposedly re-read and printed every year with updates, age-old content is rather simply being copy-pasted in the name of new edition. When students approached me questioning authenticity of abortion as remedy for population control, I found that abortion in our country is condition-based and can’t be used as a tool to control population. State Council of Educational Research and Training should look into it,” she was quoted by Times of India.