“Aarti is not to God but to the camera”: Yogi Adityanath faces ridicule for sharing Vijaydashmi video; parallel drawn with PM Modi


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister is facing widespread ridicule for sharing a video of ‘aarti’ that he was seen performing on the occasion of the Hindu festival ‘Vijaydashmi.’ What has left netizens in splits is Adityanath’s decision to perform the Hindu ritual looking at the camera.

Sharing the video on Twitter, Adityanath had written in Hindi, “I offered special prayers today at the Gorakhnath temple on the auspicious occasion of Vijaydashmi, which is a great festival to commemorate the victory of truth over evil.”

In the video, Adityanath was first seen performing the ‘aarti’ looking at the idol but soon turn back to face the camera, which was shooting his video. This didn’t go down well with his critics, who began to mock the BJP chief minister.

One wrote, “What a wonderful worship of Yogi Adityanath by Candle aarti. Aarti is not to God but to the camera. People are saying – camera live.” Another commented sarcastically, “Under the great Leadership of our Visionary PM, Adityanath performed Aarti looking at the Cameraman.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by others as Twitterati compared Adityanath with Modi, who too has had to face flak from netizens for his obsession with the camera in the past.

Uttar Pradesh goes to crucial assembly polls in February next year and Adityanath is aiming to get himself re-elected as chief minister for the second time. In 2017, the BJP had won a landslide, winning more than 300 seats.