AAP opens new front, announces plans to contest Goa elections


Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday confirmed it will take part in the Goa Assembly polls scheduled for 2017.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who was in the state to address his much-awaited rally, tweeted, “AAP will fight elections in Goa.”

Addressing a rally in Panjim, Kejriwal said, “AAP had no money. But all of Delhi campaigned for us from door to door.”

According to PTI, the Delhi chief minister said that Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, a former Goa chief minister, was concentrating less on his ministry and more on Goa.

He said, “Even till date Goa is having (Manohar) Parrikar-led government. He is less available in Delhi and more in Goa. He clears off all the files in the Goa secretariat during the weekend and goes back to Delhi.”

Kejriwal alleged that the coastal state has been facing a huge issue of corruption.

“BJP and Congress have ruined Goa. The way I was reeling under angst against corruption a few years back, similar sentiments are nurtured by people from Goa at this moment. In 2012 people gave mandate to BJP government when it pointed out to Congress’ scams in mining, Louis Berger, land conversion, garbage dump,” he said.

According to NDTV, Kejriwal also slammed the central government for its crackdown on JNU students.

He said, “Five boys raised dirty slogans against India and ran away. The Modi government didn’t catch them but his government used them to crackdown on JNU.”

The party has for the first time officially announced its plans of contesting elections in Goa which will go to polls along with Punjab.

The party has been mobilising its resources in the state to take on the ruling BJP and Congress through Goa Jodo campaign.