Embarrassment for Delhi police as court acquits AAP MLA and admonishes cops for filing false cases


In a huge embarrassment for Delhi police, a lower court in Delhi on Saturday acquitted Aam Aadmi Party MLA, Akhilesh Pati Tripathi while admonishing the police for filing trumped up charges against the legislator.

The Rohini court also warned Delhi police not to file false cases against MLAs in future.

Delhi police on 26 November had arrested Tripathi, in a two-year-old rioting case.
Tripathi, MLA from Model Town, was sent to Tihar jail for a day before being released on bail a day later.
Speaking to www.jantakareporter.com, Tripathy said that today’s court order should serve a lesson to Delhi police for future. He said he will request the Union Homes Minister Rajnath Singh to reign in Delhi Police and stop them from carrying out politics of vendetta in future.
He said, “Court ne aaj mujhe baizzat bari kar diya aur Delhi police ko phatkaar lagyi(The court acquiteed me with all charges with all respect and admonished Delhi Police). The court also questioned police why it woke a year after the alleged incident to file chargesheet only after I had become an MLA.”
Tripathy said that the malicious action by Delhi police had only enhanced his stature before ordinary public.
“We don’t fear anyone because we stand for honest politics and nothing will deter us from marching ahead with our mission,” Tripathi ahead.
The AAP government in Delhi has always accused the Delhi police of carrying out a politics of vendetta against its elected representatives in the capital. Delhi police reports to the BJP led central government. The BJP had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of AAP in this year’s assembly elections in February.
Saturday’s acquittal has prompted the twitter users, mostly supporters of AAP, to launch fresh attack against Delhi police.

Renowned music composer, Vishal Dadlani asked the MLA to sue Delhi Police;

The media too came under attack for ignoring this story even though Tripathi’s arrest had dominated almost every news channel’s news agenda. The channels in particular had wasted no time in given blow by blow coverage to his arrest.

Dadlani expressed his outrage on Indian media’s decision to completely ignore Saturday’s development.