AAP-BJP in blame game over Delhi garbage crisis, Sisodia alleges ‘salary scam’ in MCD


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who is undergoing naturopathy treatment for his chronic cough in Bengaluru took to twitter on Saturday afternoon directing his staff to clean the city’s garbage.

He said, “I have directed govt to deploy as many trucks as are needed to lift garbage. Public shud not be inconvenienced. I urge my friends from the BJP and Congress and to join our efforts in cleaning the city. Let’s not cause inconvenience to people of Delhi.”

Kejriwal said that he hoped the court, where the matter is likely to be heard on Tuesday, will finally rule who was speaking the truth.

“It’s only a matter of two more days. The janta must not face any difficulties.


His deputy, Manish Sisodia accused the opposition of indulging in what he called was the politics of garbage alleging a ‘massive salary scam’ the Delhi Municipal Corporation.

His statement came amidst the ongoing strike by the MCD staff who’ve complained of non-payment of their salaries.

Sisodia reiterated his government’s stand that it had made full payment to the three municipal bodies of staff salaries. He demanded to know how the money paid by the Delhi government towards the MCD staff’s salary was utilised.

Sisodia told reporters, “I’ve been asking for last 2-3 days what the MCD did with the money paid by the Delhi government. We made the full payment. And yet, they are indulging in the politics of garbage. It appears to me that the MCD has indulged in salary scam.

” The strike by cleaning staff has affected everyone. Ordinary public is troubled because the garbage from the area hasn’t been cleaned and the striking employees are pained because they have no means of survival in the absence of their salaries.”

The BJP’s Delhi president, Satish Upaddhyay said, “Delhi government is responsible for the crisis. It has not allocated adequate funds to the three municipal corporations. They are not bothered about the problem being faced by the people.”

Meanwhile, Delhi government on Saturday initiated the drive for cleaning of garbage from different parts of the national capital, which had been dumped by the striking MCD workers, in protest of non-payment of salaries.

PWD minister Mr Satyendar Jain formed a PWD task force before deploying 93 machines to collect the garbage, which has been piling up since the strike began.

To compound the administration’s woes, over 7,000 doctors and 10,000 nurses of hospitals run by the municipal corporations also went on indefinite strike demanding salary and arrears. Around 12,000 engineering staff of the civic bodies also joined the stir.

Delhi government has maintained that it had already provided adequate funds of over Rs 2,187 crore under non-planned head to the three municipal corporations in the current fiscal.