Aaj Tak anchor apologises for ‘racist, xenophobe and casteist’ tweet against Rabri Devi after widespread condemnation


Aaj Tak anchor Nishant Chaturvedi on Friday apologised for his disparaging tweet targeting former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi after widespread condemnation. His apology came after Rabri Devi’s son, Tejashwi Yadav, asked Chaturvedi’s boss and India Today Group chief Arun Purie if he endorsed the ‘the classist, racist, xenophobe and casteist remark.’

Aaj Tak anchor


Tejashwi wrote, “Dear @aroonpurie ji, Do you really endorse the classist, racist, xenophobe and casteist remark by your editor? Don’t you think he must apologise for it? @supriyapd Do you really have such unfairly prejudiced people working in your organisation @aajtak?”

This prompted Chaturvedi to issue a public apology as he wrote in broken English, “Dear @yadavtejashwi ji,i had no intent to disrespect your or anyones mother,I m rather surprised that people r spending so much time on misinterpreting a tweet to the disrespect of a mother,lady or even finding a caste angle in it.Sincere apologize but please do not misinterpret (sic).”

Unsatisfied with his apology, Tejashwi asked, “So what motivated you to spend your precious time in asking a former CM to pronounce a word? Have you ever asked any elite upper caste politician from ur pay master’s party who are less educated then my mother to pronounce a word? It reflects ur casteist, racist & classist mindset.”

In a seemingly disparaging tweet, Chaturvedi had implied that the former Bihar chief minister could not even pronounce the word ‘Twitter’ let alone being able to use the social media platform. This had evoked angry reactions from journalists and activists who questioned his casteist mentality and lack of respect for a mother.

In February this year, Chaturvedi had become a butt of jokes after he posted a photo with a Rampuri knife to teach Pakistan a lesson just days after a suicide bomber had killed 45 CRPF soldiers in Pulwama.