7yr old girl abducted and killed by a 22yr old boy in Gujarat – police cites extortion as main motive


22 year old youth has been arrested by Kheda police on Friday from Nadiad, Gujarat in connection with abduction and murder of a seven year old girl. Besides the accused, two other teenagers have also been detained as co-accused in the case.

According to Nadiad police, Tanya Patel’s parents are in the UK for past few years and she lived with her grandmother Kusumben at Lakshya Duplex near Santram temple. There was a power failure on Sep 18 night while Tanya was playing outside. When the power supply was restored at about 8pm after 10 minutes, Tayna had disappeared. Soon after, police were intimated about the disappearance.

Police registered a case of abduction and started probe. Tanya’s body was found from near Anklav from Mahi river. Her identity was established after a post-mortem on Friday.

Maninder Singh Pawar, SP, Kheda, said that the accused has been identified as Meet Patel, living next door in Lakshya Duplex and has been arrested for the abduction and murder.

“He was constantly with police after the incident, helping track the girl. However, his interest raised suspicion. We conducted a background check when we got to know that Meet was caught earlier in an offence. He was detained and questioned thoroughly. Two other suspects of below 18 years of age were also questioned after which we pieced together the incident,” said Pawar.

Investigators said that Kusumben had a habit of speaking loudly about the monetary transactions. Meet heard her receiving a sum and hatched a plan to abduct Tanya for ransom as he had a sum to pay towards his debt.

The power outage provided him a perfect opportunity as he called naive Tanya towards a car and abducted her. Two others too joined him soon after as Tanya was hit on back of her head. She lay unconscious as she was thrown off the bridge from Vasad, as reported by Times of India.

“She was killed off as she could have identified Meet as her abductor. The original plan was to call Kusumben for ransom a couple of days after abduction but when police started probe the same night with dog squad, mounted police, drone and a large team, Meet grew cold feet.

The locals are in shock as Tanya used to frequent Meet’s residence to watch TV and Meet’s parents were constantly by the Kusumben’s side, providing her support,” said a Nadiad police official.