5-year-old kidnapped child rescued from housing society near Delhi


Police have rescued a 5-year-old kidnapped child from a Ghaziabad housing society after a prolonged shoot-out early Tuesday morning.

The child was kidnapped from east Delhi when two bike-borne men had stopped his school bus on 25 January. They had held the bus driver at gunpoint threatening to shoot him if he raised an alarm as they kidnapped the child. The child’s sister, a class 3 student, who was also in the bus, tried to hold on to her brother, but to no avail.

The kidnappers had called the family on 28 January with their Rs 50 lakh ransom demand thereby providing the cops with an important lead. A special team of Delhi Police raided the housing society in Sahibabad, near Ghaziabad, early Tuesday morning.

The boy, according to police, was held captive in a flat on the fifth floor of the housing society. One kidnapper was shot dead in the shoot-out, which lasted for nearly 30 minutes, while the other two sustained injuries. Both have now been arrested.

The cops have handed over the child to his family, who profusely thanked the men in uniform for their valiant efforts to rescue their child.

The news of the 5-year-old child’s kidnapping had sent shock-waves across the national capital particularly because the crime had taken place at a time when Delhi was on high alert due to the Republic Day celebrations and there were 10 heads of states from the ASEAN countries in the city.