13-year-old boy gets electrocuted in Noida’s Sector 82 housing society, CCTV video goes viral


In a shocking development, a 13-year-old boy was electrocuted in a housing society in Sector 82 in Noida earlier this week immediately after he sat on a raised platform of a high mast light.

Indian Express

The entire sequence of the incident was caught on a CCTV camera, which was recently installed by a resident outside his flat. In the video, Hamza Qadir is seen playing football with his friends in the park in Swarnim Vihar housing society before he sits on a raised platform. No sooner had he sat, Hamza collapsed and became motionless.

Seeing the development, some of the residents of the society, who were taking their walk, went to check the child, but it was too late as Hamza had died. Residents said that the high mast light was recently repaired and the platform wasn’t properly insulated. The wet weather contributed to the tragic incident since water is a good conductor of electricity, thereby making the area incredibly dangerous.

The tragedy in Sector 82 of Noida is a chilling reminder to the people managing the newly built housing societies about the danger of poorly managed civic amenities inside the colony.

Noida authority ACEO Rakesh Kumar Mishra told Indian Express that the accident was due to “unfortunate circumstances which were not under the control of the authority, and were not caused by any maintenance lapse by the authority.”

He added, “I have received a report from the chief engineer of electricity… The shock was caused because the neutral wire in the system was also carrying electricity, probably because of the rain. The other boys who were playing with the child told us that he had poured water over himself just before the accident.”

The boy’s parents have decided not to proceed with legal action.