Youth Congress taunts Aaj Tak anchor with Rs 2,000 nano chip comments, journalist ‘accepts’ insult


Aaj Tak anchor Sweta Singh had faced widespread backlash for claiming that the new Rs 2,000 notes approved by the Narendra Modi government in 2016 had hidden nano chip. The video of Singh confidently explaining the features of the so-called nano chip to her colleagues had gone viral on social media platforms.

Aaj Tak
Photo: @SwetaSinghAT

The Youth Congress this week launched an attack on her by using the content of her old video to counter one of her controversial tweets targeting Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s announcement on the Minimum Income Guarantee.

Singh in her tweet had made a veiled attack on Gandhi’s announcement underw aht’s known as NYAY scheme. She had written, “You get a lot of things for free, but the self respect doesn’t come for free. You want employment for the national or doles?”

Reacting to her tweet, the Telangana unit of the Youth Congress wrote, “When people were standing in queues during the biggest scam called domentisation to withdraw their own hard-earned money, many people lost their jobs. That time wasn’t it you Sweta Singh ji, who was searching for nano chip in new notes? Wish you had found that chip. At least our 40 soldiers wouldn’t had been martyred then.”


Singh replied to the tweet by the Youth Congress Telangana and she accepted the ‘insult’ meted out to her by a political party. She, however said that the viral video was fake.

In 2016, soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the note ban, Singh and Zee News editor Sudhir Chaudhary had come under condemnation for claiming that new Rs 2,000 notes had nano chip which will help Income Tax authorities track the black money even if they were hidden 100 feet below the earth.