Who Is Shivon Zilis, Mother of Elon Musk’s Secret Twins? Age, Net Worth, Religion; Days After Transgender Child Vivian Jenna Wilson Ceased To Be Musk


In a stunning revelation, it has emerged that Tesla founder Elon Musk secretly fathered two children from one of his top executives last year. The executive has been identified as Shivon Zilis, who worked in Musk’s artificial intelligence company Neuralink. The news has come just days after the billionaire businessman’s transgender child Vivian Jenna Wilson ceased to be Musk.

Elon Musk

The twins were born just weeks before Musk welcomed his second child with singer Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher. This means that Musk now has nine known children from different women.

A report by Insider said that twins were born in November last year, adding that the couple filed a petition in a US court to have the name change of their children to reflect the surnames of their parents. The court granted permission to children to carry the names of both Musk and Zilis in May this year.

Who Is Shivon Zilis?

36-year-old Zilis is said to be one of the rising stars of Musk’s empire. She was born in Markham in Ontario, Canada, and has a degree in Economics and Philosophy from Yale. While at Yale, Zilis also earned plaudits for her sporting prowess. A regular in the university’s ice-hockey team, Zilis was the team’s most dependable goalie.

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She also has interests in surfing, zip-lining and ice-climbing among other things. She started her career at IBM before joining the venture-capital fund Bloomberg Beta. Her performance made him a star within the business fraternity as she found a place in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in the venture-capital category in 2015.

She was considered a high-flier from an early age and even took part in a discussion show with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2017.

According to Insider, Zilis met Musk in 2017 through her work with OpenAI, the artificial-intelligence research-and-deployment nonprofit Musk cofounded in 2015. She was made as one of the youngest directors in the start-up.

Religion, Net Worth

Zilis has always defended Musk on public platforms. In 2020, when California State Assembly member, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, tweeted “F*ck Elon Musk”, Zilis reacted, “This makes me sad. No one’s perfect but I’ve never met anyone who goes through more personal pain to fight for an inspiring future for humanity – and has done so tirelessly for decades. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but mine is that there’s no one I respect and admire more.”

Zilis bought a posh house in Austin just before the birth of her twins. Her net worth is estimated to be $ 4m.

As for her faith, Zilis has not discussed her religion publicly.