Who Is Dancing Doll DyShea Upshaw? How Did She Die?


The news of a dancer from the renowned studio Dollhouse Dance Factory has shocked Americans weeks after another troupe member from the same group was shot dead.
Coach Dianna Williams revealed that DyShea Upshaw, who was nicknamed Dancing Doll, died only weeks after troupe member Shakira Gatlin was shot dead.

DyShea Upshaw
Photo shared by DyShea Upshaw’s coach Dianna Williams

Williams, who’s also the owner of Dollhouse F=Dance Factory, said, “We are still processing……. Today is one of the hardest ever…… my team in all 3 cities is broken…they all talked, encountered, texted, FaceTimed, traveled and celebrated with each other… this child had an affect on all of us and left something with us all that we will Never forget…

“These girls are not just our dancers, they are family, they are our kids, they are our students, they are apart of us forever….. Dyshea LOVEDDDD to dance…. We have to keep going bc it’s what she would’ve wanted. She would always say “WE GOT THIS YALL!” She was not a quitter, she didn’t back down from anything, she was outspoken, she was the life of the party and just overall loved…… our dance family is just so hurt right now… Dance was in her just as it in is all of us…

DyShea Upshaw

“Fly high momma baby…. Rest Peacefully…. We will hold it down while you lift us up….We love you Dyshea!! #TEOEDDFL #DD4L #dancingdolls #atl”

Williams had earlier written, “One of my Dolls is gone. I do NOT understand and no I AM NOT ok!! Jesus Lord!!!! She was fearless and would always try to elevate herself and everyone else in the dollhouse… She was always encouraging her sisters and motivating everyone! She always was someone I could count on to have LOUD HAIR 🤣🙏🏾 She was my “DAH SHEEKEE!” …….. why…. I am at a loss for words… just why….

“Im going to miss your laughter!! Im going to miss your smile!! Please keep her family, friends and the ENTIRE Dancing Dolls organization in prayer.:… we are NOT ok!”

Cause Of Death

The cause of DyShea Upshaw’s death is not known yet. Even Coach Dianna Williams did not reveal how the young dancer died. However, the news of her death has come as a double whammy for the popular dance group, which shot to fame after appearing on the reality TV series, Bring It, which aired on Lifetime for five seasons between 2014 and 2019.

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Another dance member, 19-year-old Shakira Gatlin, was shot dead at a home on Barnes Street in February this year. According to the police, she was killed after an underage accidentally shot her in her head.