When Sambit Patra’s attempts to ridicule Rahul Gandhi backfired, BJP spokesperson compared with Doraemon, Mickey Mouse


BJP’s Sambit Patra has become one of the most identifiable faces on Indian TV channels with the popular spokesperson often seen flying the flag for his party. In his attempt to demean his political rivals score extra points in TV debates, he has also made some astonishingly controversial comments, earning public ire in the process.

Last week, Patra was taking part in ABP News channels’ debate show being broadcast from Madhya Pradesh, which went to polls today (Wednesday). Also joining him in the debate was Priyanka Chaturvedi from the Congress. During the debate, Chaturvedi accused Patra’s party of ignoring core issues affecting the masses and indulging in theatrics and entertainment on TV channels.

In response, Patra accused Congress President Rahul Gandhi of providing entertainment on TV channels. He said, “She said I indulge in entertainment, I write script. Yes she is right. I wrote the script (of Rahul Gandhi) on potatoes converting gold remarks etc. I had given the script to Rahul Gandhi, see what happened. The Congress party should not comment on the issue of entertainment even in its dream. Nobody would have watched TV if it wasn’t for Rahul Gandhi. Everybody’s blood pressure would have gone high. So, thank you Rahul Gandhi.”

It was at this point when Patra was interrupted by the show’s anchor, Romana Israr Khan, who read question from an audience. She said, “I have got a question from Raj Prajapati from the audience, who says, ‘My niece used to watch Doraemon and Mickey Mouse, now she insists on watching Sambit Patra’s debates’.”

Doraemon and Mickey Mouse are two popular cartoon characters.

Hearing this, Patra was left visibly embarrassed but he quickly composed himself and said that he was glad that he was the reason for bringing smile on a child’s face. Moments ago, he was attacking Rahul Gandhi for the same reason stated by him.

A live TV show on Aaj Tak had turned into a battlefield after Patra had controversially called the members of the Nehru-Gandhi family Thugs of Hindostan.