WATCH- Former Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Chaudhary in Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi, explains why she supports Congress


Former Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Chaudhary and a popular dancer Sapna Chaudhary arrived in Delhi on Friday to meet the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi. Although she did not get the appointment for the meeting on Friday, the former reality TV contestant said that she had received a confirmation for her meeting with Gandhi.

“I’ve got the time and will let you know when I come here to meet Sonia Gandhi next,” she told reporters. When asked why she was keen to meet the former Congress President, Sapna said, “You mustn’t look for a reason behind everything. I like them (Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his mother).”

The popular dancer also went on to add that she will also campaign for the party adding that she was simply exercising her freedom to support a party of her choice. “Of I may campaign for Congress. Why can’t I campaign for the Congress in Haryana and elsewhere.”

When asked why she had not chosen the BJP as a party to support, Sapna said, “Everyone has their own choice.” She concluded her conversation by saying that the Congress mustn’t lose heart just because it was going through a rough phase adding that the party must seize the opportunity whenever it knocks at its door.

Sapna has a huge fan base in Haryana, but her participation in the reality TV show, Bigg Boss, last year gave her the pan-India popularity. During the reality TV show, she had become one of the favourite contestants for the host Salman Khan.Later speaking to media, Sapna had said, “Salman took everyone’s class in the Bigg Boss house. But he never said anything against me. He is a kind-hearted person.”