Wasn’t sad, was bored: Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show seeks to reassure fans after concern over last video


Archan Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show has taken to the internet to reassure her fans that she was fine and did not suffer from sadness. This was after her last video evoked plenty of reactions from her fans with many asking the reason for her sadness.

Archana said in her latest video, “Hi guys, today I am sitting in my vanity van and I am not bored. I am shooting for The Kapil Sharma Show and you get time to feel bored here. Everything is so hectic and so much work to do, so much fun.”

She continued making a reference to comments about her last video, “When I posted my last video, people said that I was looking said. I wasn’t sad, I was just bored.”

Archana thanked her fans for their concern, adding that some of her fans asked her to play PUBG or ludo to keep herself busy. “Thanks for those suggestions. I don’t know which ones I will take. That was just one day when I felt bored for 10 minutes. But thank you so much for all the love and all the comments.”

In her last video, Archana had shared the pangs of loneliness with fans as she waited for the shooting to start early in the morning. Archana said that she had up since 5.30 in the morning. Can you imagine? I some time sleep at 4 (in the morning). Yesterday I slept early but. I am very bored sitting alone. I am so bored that I am talking nonsense. You know artists have to spend so much time alone that unless they keep themselves occupied, they look and feel like idiots. And that’s exactly like I am feeling right now.”