Vidya Balan trolled for Instagram photo, users said ‘ and you will blame army jawan for ogling at you’


Actor Vidya Balan on Friday posted a photo from the Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar 2018 without realising that she will be incessantly trolled.

No sooner had she posted the photo on Instagram, users began to troll her with some even taunting her reminding her about her comments made about an army jawan.

In an interview with a newspaper, Vidya had shared her own experiences of facing sexual harassment during her early years. She had said that once a man in an army uniform ogled at her breasts at VT station in Mumbai when she was in college. This, she had said, made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Vidya had said that the man in uniform had even winked at her prompting her to lose her cool. She had angrily chided the army jawan saying that his behaviour was inappropriate. Vidya also reminded the officer of his duty to protect the nation.

With her interview abotu an army jawan in mind, some users began to taunt her since her latest Instagram post had not gone down well with them. User Akhilesh Rai wrote, “And you say that an army jawan was staring at your breast #shame.”

Another user advised her to cover her breasts so that ‘no police or army jawan doesn’t start ogling at them.’

User Jaisingh Choudhary used expletives to taunt who wouldn’t ogle at her body if she ‘displayed her breasts’ on social media.