TV anchor Shefali Bagga annoys everyone in Bigg Boss 13, faces wrath


TV anchor Shefali Bagga on Thursday night caused quite a stir in the reality TV show Bigg Boss after she refused to agree with the rest of the housemates on who should be declared the new queen of the reality show. This angered the makers of the show so much that they decided to not declare anyone the queen, ending the weekly task midway abruptly.

Shefali Bagga

Shefali was part of team B, which had won the weekly task. As a reward, Bigg Boss announced that one female participant of the winning team will be crowned a queen for a week, whose perks included exclusive access to a washroom for herself, exemption from this week’s nomination and household duties among others.

While the rest of her team felt that Devoleena Bhattacharjee was the deserving candidate, whose action had helped Team B win the crucial one point, Bagga remained adamant claiming she should be crowned this week’s queen. Since the decision had to be unanimous without a single disagreement, Bigg Boss announced that there will be no queen this week.

This left the rest of the housemates in Team B so angry that they began to hound her for her selfishness. Realising her follies, Shefali asked if she could change her decision in favour of Devoleena, but it was too late.

As part of the weekly task, each team had to indulge in role-play of doctors and patients in tandem. While treating Arti Singh, Shefali had poked fun at the former’s divorce in a bid to provoke her. This left Arti in tears. Even though Shefali later apologised to Arti, Twitterati were unforgiving.  “#ShefaliBagga is so vicious! Ik it was a part of the task but still how can someone stoop so low without hesitating even a bit? Asking personal questions and commenting on someone’s weight so casually as if she was shooting a scene for a tv serial. Cruel (sic)!” Another wrote, “Was it really necessary for #ShefaliBagga to talk so low with # ArtiSingh? She talked about Arti’s divorce, which is so not a partof wat hapend in #BB13. Since when going personal with other hms is allowed even in task? (sic)”

It seems this season’s Bigg Boss has already found its villain.