‘The biggest troll’ Arnab Goswami records TV show on online trolling


Arnab Goswami of Republic TV was called the ‘biggest troll’ by a BJP functionary, who the former invited for a show on online trolling recently. The photo of some of the known right-wing social media faces joining Goswami for what’s being billed as ‘The Troll Debate’ are being widely shared by some of the participants.

Arnab Goswami

Taking to his social media pages, Suresh Nakhua, a BJP functionary from Mumbai, shared photos of his meeting with Goswami with a caption, “Just shot for #TheTrollDebate with @TajinderBagga @ashokepandit @amritabhinder @sanjjanagalrani @BollywoodGandu @Clyde_Crasto @MCABBAS and The Biggest Troll Arnab Goswami for Sunday Debate. You can’t miss this one. Watch on Sunday at 12 Noon & 9 pm on @Republic.”

Nakhua’s Delhi equivalent in the BJP, Tajinder Pal Bagga, too flaunted his meeting with Goswami and wrote, “With Arnab and Right, Left, Centre friends at @republic studio Mumbai.”

Barring a few, most in the photo are known for being a vicious online troll. According to Nakhua, the Republic TV’s show on trolling will be aired on Sunday. Republic TV was founded by Goswami with the help of the BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar in 2017.

Goswami has often faced criticism for his biases towards the BJP while flying the flag for the right-wing causes. Last week, Goswami was facing social media roasting for posing with equally controversial godman Ramdev, who too had actively campaigned for the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Ramdev posted a photo of himself with Goswami. Ramdev had written, “Met Arnab Goswami, a thorough patriotic journalist. He is playing an important role for nation building through media.”

Ramdev calling Goswami a patriotic journalist and not a media professional, who’s expected to uphold the values of journalism, had not gone down well social media users. One user wrote, “Mr.Arnab Goswami is not a journalist but an unofficial spokesperson of Bjp..” Another user wrote, “tweet must have been written by Goswami himself.” “Get a room guys,” wrote another Twitter user.”

On Friday too, the posts by Nakhua and Bagga evoked hilarious comments. One user Ramesh Singh Bisht wrote, “Have you found bodyguards’ job?” User NeVi called them a ‘Feku gang.’ Some comments are so disparaging that they can’t be reproduced here. There were others who mocked Bagga by reminding that Kamal Nath was still the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Bagga had famously vowed to fast till death if Kamal Nath became the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh for his alleged role in the 1984 riots. Bagga sat on a hunger strike but ended it abruptly only after a day as there were no takers to his perceived theatrics.