Super angry Salman Khan lashes out at Karanvir Bohra for wife’s open letter, KV says he’s embarrassed


Salman Khan on Saturday lashed out at Karanvir Bohra on Saturday night during the Weekend Ka Vaar show of the Bigg Boss 12 show. A visibly angry Salman told Karanvir Bohra, also known as KV, that his wife had written an open letter accusing him of insulting her husband.

He asked KV, “Do you feel bad when you and I interact on this show? Your wife has written an open letter alleging that I humiliate you during our interaction on the show.” Salman also said that he will not talk to him in future on the show. He said, “Let’s do one thing. After today, I will not do any interaction with you here.”

KV replied, “Salman bhai, I am ashamed if Teejay has written such letter.”

Moments later, KV was seen speaking to camera expressing his disgust on Teejay’s open letter. He was heard saying, “Tee why would you do that? You know my relations with Salman bhai and Salim uncle.” He then asked Bigg Boss to allow him to speak to his wife to get clarity on the controversy.

Salman, who is known to not forget any criticism or perceived bad behaviour towards him, continued with the topic even later in the show. During his interaction with Sreesanth, when the former India cricketer made any reference to KV, Salman folded his hand gesturing that he had no desire to speak to him.

Little later, he took a further swipe at KV while addressing Surbhi Rana. Salman told her, “Now I don’t want another open letter from your family too.”  This was in reference to Surbhi’s light-hearted remarks asking Salman Khan why he never praised her on the show.

Last week, Teejay had launched an all-out attack against Salman for being mean towards her husband in the reality show. Teejay had penned down an emotional but angry post highlighting Salman’s perceived hypocrisy while treating KV during his interactions.

She wrote, “It seems you (Salman Khan) are upset with Karanvir about something, but we don’t know what. Every weekend, KV is ridiculed and it is hard to see him being demoralized like this.”

Salman had faced huge outrage on social media on Sunday after he was seen constantly ridiculing KV. Many users had called him a bully as ‘Shame On You Salman Khan’ became a dominant theme of social media conversations.

Teejay, in her post, called out Salman’s hypocrisy while making fun of KV’s dress sense after he was seen attired in blue suit. Teejay wrote, “When people made fun of Rohit’s (co-contestant) purple shorts, they were questioned about it… Whatever KV wears, he is always ridiculed, whether it’s his hair, his clothes, his look. It is wrong to shame someone for the way they look, or how they dress.”