Sudhir Chaudhary shares video from Abu Dhabi, UAE princess vows to fight ‘enemy within’ after publicly shaming Zee News anchor’s host Neeraj Ratolia


Sudhir Chaudhary on Sunday shared a video from Abu Dhabi indicating that he had attended the function in the UAE despite opposition from UAE princess Hend bint Faisal Al-Qasimi. Incensed by Neeraj Ratolia’s refusal to disinvite Chaudhary, Princess Hend has vowed to fight the ‘enemy within.’ Ratolia is the head of the Abu Dhabi chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
सुधीर चौधरी

Sharing a video from Abu Dhabi, Chaudhary wrote on Twitter, “ Good morning from #AbuDhabi.”

Chaudhary was a guest speaker at the event organised by Ratolia and his Indian colleagues in Abu Dhabi on 25 November. It seems the controversial TV anchor decided to share the video after his return from the UAE since the organisers did not want any more controversy surrounding his visit to the Islamic kingdom.

Princess Hend, meanwhile, has vowed to fight the enemy within as she wrote on Twitter, “ In the UAE hate speech is banned. Which is quite shocking when immigrants bite the hand that feeds them. Everyone is dispensable and if you are an ungrateful wrench- good riddance.”

Her subsequent tweet read, “ Those interested helping us FIGHT THE ENEMY WITHIN please only send me photos/videoed proof of any hate speech that can harm the peace in the UAE. Based on those grounds we can take legal action only. Pro Bono lawyer wanted for advise too- must be familiar with the local UAE law.”

Hend had earlier registered strong protests after Ratolia reportedly refused to disinvite Chaudhary despite her insistence because of the latter’s involvement in spreading Islamophobia.

She had written, “ I just spoke to the President of the Abu Dhabi Chartered Accountants and he told me that #Islamophobe Sudhir Chaudhry is still attending. He refuses to disinvite him. Good to know how much he RESPECTS the country of Tolerance.”

Hend had termed Chaudhary an ‘intolerant terrorist’ for his role in spreading hate against India’s Muslim community through his TV programmes.

Chaudhary has been at the forefront of Indian TV anchors, who are notorious for fuelling hate against Muslims. Last year, he and his colleague ran a dangerous campaign to malign Islam by falsely holding members Tablighi Jamaat for the spread of coronavirus. Several Indian high courts later called out TV channels’ propaganda as they exonerated Tablighi Jammat members from the charges of being the super-spreaders of the virus.