Sreesanth shows Salman Khan his place on Bigg Boss show


Salman Khan, the host of Bigg Boss 12, and the makers of the popular reality TV show are once again facing flak on social media for favouring Sreesanth even after he made prostitute jibe at a female contestant.

Sreesanth, known for his arrogance and disdain towards the show and its contestants, had compared Surbhi Rana with girls, who stood outside railway stations after 11 pm. He was clearly implying that Surbhi behaved like a prostitute. The revelation on Sunday night left most of the housemates shocked.

What was even more shocking was the revelation that the former India cricketer had made these obnoxious comments in front of his so-called sister Dipika Kakar, who was seen supporting Sreesanth later for his disgusting comments for fellow woman. Salman’s reaction on Saturday night too left TV viewers bewildered as he was accused of handling Sreesanth unacceptable behaviour with kid gloves.

Later, Dipika, who many users felt has been smitten by Sreesanth, was seen sobbing in support of the cricketer. She even went inside the bathroom and locked herself with Sreesanth, who was refusing to come out in anger. Later, both of them emerged out of the washroom together.

Such was Sreesanth’s behaviour that he walked off the room even when Salman was speaking to him. This clearly showed who the boss was on the show. Salman was left with no option but to desperately try and hide his embarrassment on the insult meted out by Sreesanth. He said, “It’s not a good idea to go and speak to them right now.”

Clearly, Sreesanth has managed to achieve unthinkable on the show. No contestants regardless of their stature had the courage to stand up to Salman and show disdain to him in the past.

Social media users, who detected hypocrisy on the part of the makers of the reality show and its host, took to social media to vent out their anger.