Sonakshi Sinha seeks help from Mumbai Police, CM Uddhav Thackeray for fake claims by Vivek Agnohotri; Farah Khan’s show with Bharti Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show and Raveena Tandon back in news


Actress Sonakshi Sinha has sensationally sought the help of the Mumbai Police against filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri for falsely claiming that she was shooting even during the national lockdown. The photo tweeted by Agnihotri was taken last year when she shot for Farah Khan’s show Backbenchers, which had recently courted another controversy involving actress Raveena Tandon and comedienne Bharti Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show.

The controversy started after Agnihotri tweeted a photo of Sonakshi published by the Mumbai Mirror newspaper and asked, “Who shoots in such times?” Incensed by Agnihotri’s false claims, Sonakshi tagged the Mumbai Police and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray asking for action against Agnihotri.

She wrote, “Excuse me @MumbaiPolice, @OfficeofUT what is the procedure to stop people from spreading rumors and fake news at a time like this? Asking for a responsible citizen, sitting at home, practicing social distancing and NOT shooting – ME.”

Sonakshi also explained in her subsequent tweet, “Being a Director and member of many unions and film bodies one would expect you to be better informed that Absolutely NO one is shooting since studios are shut and its a national lockdown! I believe Classic freeze frame means throwback in @MumbaiMirror terms clearly meaning its an old picture, from 5th Nov 2019 to be precise! Aaah… those were the days!.”

Aware of the consequences, a visibly shaken Agnihotri clarified that he was merely taking a dig at the newspaper. He wrote, “The dig is at @MumbaiMirror not you. If I have to say something to you, I’d tag you. It’s very insensitive to print such pictures in a trying time like this giving wrong impression. As a star you should also very strongly condemn this kind of yellow and insensitive journalism.”

Sonakshi countered, “U haven’t tagged who ur taking a dig at,nor did u mention source of the picture.Nor hv u replied or clarified to anyone attacking me after ur statement.Rule no.1 of taking a dig – dont post someone else’s picture 2 take a dig at someone else,be specific.Thank u & goodbye.”

Later, Agnihotri said that the Mumbai Police should not be disturbed since the cops were busy maintaining law and order during the current lockdown.

Farah Khan’s show Backbenchers was in the news last year when a series of police complaints were filed against her along with Raveena Tandon and Bharti Singh for hurting the religious sentiments of the Christian community.


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