‘Wild speculations and lies,’ says singer Shaan on report of stones being pelted at him during Assam concert


Singer Shaan has reacted angrily to a report published on a website claiming that stones and paper balls were pelted at him during his recent concert in Assam.

Reacting to a news item published on The Quint website, Shaan wrote, “Complete lies!!! One Paper ticket folded up was thrown on stage by One Person after vigorously gestering and shouting to stop singing.. That’s all … please stop these wild speculations and lies.”

The website had posted a video of Shaan reacting angrily to a member of the audience while admonishing him for throwing something at him during his performance in Guwahati. The website had claimed that audience members were angry because Shaan had sung a Bengali song. Shaan has Bengali roots, while the local language of the population is Assamese.

Shaan had later taken to Twitter to clarify that he angry reaction during the performance was not against an individual but the sense of regionalism, which sought to divide people along their geographical and linguistic backgrounds. He wrote, “My outcry was not directed to that One Individual but to all who are harbouring these ‘Regional Devide’ Sentiments!! The Youth must not fall into this trap #StayUnited.”

His subsequent tweet read, “Just for the records …loved my Assam Tour!! Saw the most fascinating sights…made new friends..had huge turnouts at every concert.. Over one unfortunate incident it would be VeryWrong to Tarnish this Beautifull State!!! Whatever happened was in the heat of the moment.”

Many Assamese were quick to post apology for the unpleasant experience caused to the popular Bollywood singer. One wrote, “Shameful Indeed. I Am Not A Guwahatian But As An Assamese, Pl Accept Our Sincere Apologies @singer_shaan. Music Never Has Any Language Boundary. The Miscreants Should Be Punished. Chauvinism Of This Kind Is Condemnable In Strong Words. Assamese Zubeen More Popular In Bengal.

Another commented, “After long planning could not attend ur program @singer_shaan in Guwahati. What happen yesterday was really unfortunate? Some people are always trying to create a bad image of Assam when big events occur.Please don’t take it in heart our cm @sarbanandsonwal is very sorry for it.”