‘Shame on you Salman Khan,’ Karanvir Bohra fans explode in anger on Bigg Boss host’s ‘rude and biased’ behaviour


So this Sunday, there was no elimination from the Bigg Boss house as host Salman Khan announced that no one will will be evicted this week keeping the Diwali spirit alive. But, the Weekend Ka Vaar left a large group of Bigg Boss fans seething because of the glaringly obvious biased attitude of the Bollywood megastar towards Karanvir Bohra.

Salman came across incredibly rude and demeaning towards KV all through the show and appeared determined to have the TV actor publicly humiliated. Anyone who watched the Sunday night’s show were left with an impression that Salman appeared to hold unexplained grudges against KV Bohra.

What followed on Twitter was a natural angry reaction to Salman’s biased behaviour against KV. He repeatedly hurled insults at KV, first when the Tiger Zinda Hai actor asked him to hand over the immunity medallion to Romil after he won a task. As KV proceeded to hand over the medallion, Salman insulted him with comments that implies that the TV actor lacked ‘Fizz’ to qualify as someone, who should be handing over his housemate an award.

Then, during the Sultani Akhada task, Salman went hysterical with his non-stop laughter after KV made faux pas and declared Sreesanth a person, who was not a nice human being, but his other qualities made him suitable for the reality show. KV was responding to Salman’s question on why he felt that Sreesanth did not deserve to be on the Bigg Boss show.

Housemates were expected to vote based on the response they heard from both Sreesanth and KV. However, looking at Salman’s insulting behaviour during the contest in the Sultani Akhada, everyone except Srishty decided to vote against KV. Srishty remained the only contestant, who showed incredible courage to raise her hand in support of KV.

Immediately after the show, social media platforms particularly Twitter exploded in anger against Salman Khan, who they condemned for being demeaning towards a contestant. They also applauded KV for conducting himself with exceptional dignity and grace even in the face of utter provocation from Salman.

User J tweeted, “He tried smiling to hide his sadness but he was VERY hurt. It was visible today! Feeling so bad stay strong KV. @SrSrishty raising her hand not caring about anyone else not even Salman ? she won my heart all over.”

User PD wrote, “Isn’t Salman Khan being mean to #KaranvirBohra?? It’s a partial game towards Sree.” User Brij tweeted, “What the fu** is wrong with Salman .?? Never appreciates #KaranvirBohra. Always keeps mocking him..!!” Salman has been visibly rude to KV even in previous weeks, forcing the latter to plead that he should at least find some good reasons to appreciate him on the show.

User Parul Garg wrote, “The way #karanvirBohra smiled when Salman called him hit wicket was a BLISS.. Itna pyara koi kaise ho skta hai?? This man takes all the bullies in such a supporting way.. loving u more.” User Swati Tilwani expressed similar sentiments when she wrote, “In today’s episode…even #KaranVirBohra was unable to hide his sadness in akhada… @BeingSalmanKhan its not done…such level of humiliation…. sad to see this season biasedness(sic)”

Twitter handle KVArmy wrote, “Shame on you @BiggBoss, Shame on you @ColorsTV, Shame on you @EndemolShineIND, Shame on #SalmanKhan khan, Shame on you.All of you shame on you for torturing #KaranvirBohra and harassing him. You people are bunch of losers. #StopTargetingKaranvir.”

It will be interesting to see how Salman behaves towards KV next week when he interacts with the housemates of the reality show.