Sambit Patra shares more photos of meal with Puri villagers, but excludes its preparation to avoid embarrassment


A day after BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra faced brutal trolling after videos shared by him from Puri showed a widow preparing her meal using firewood, the controversial saffron party leader has once again found himself facing attacks from his detractors.

Sambit Patra

Patra has inundated his timeline with his campaign activities that include visiting his potential constituents in Puri. After facing embarrassment on his meal video on Saturday, Patra once again shared another photo of having a meal with another family with his party’s assembly candidate Arshit Pattnayak. Curiously, Patra was careful here not to show the visuals of the food being prepared to avoid another round of embarrassment from his critics, who had questioned the Narendra Modi government’s claims on the success of its Ujjwala scheme.

While sharing a series of photos, Patra wrote, “Having lunch with Pipli BJP assembly candidate Arshit Pattnayak and karyakartas.”

In the photos, Patra could be seen having a meal while the host, a woman, who sat next to him. The banana leaf from the embarrassing video had given way to steel plates and bowls on this occasion.

In another photo, Patra was seen posing with a group of topless men. His caption read, “Interacting with my people of Pipli assembly constituency, Puri parliamentary constituency.”

No sooner did Patra share the photo, many were quick to point out that the two topless men sitting on both sides of him did not look very excited. Journalist Abhisar Sharma wrote, “I can’t see the same excitement among the villagers in this photo that we see among TV anchors during TV debates when Sambit Patra is speaking.”

Yasmin Kidwai of the Congress wrote, “They look frightened. I don’t blame them.” Another user wrote, “You can see hopelessness in in their faces.”

In another photo Patra was seen falling at the feet of a village elder, prompting many to take a potshot at him accusing him of theatrics.

The BJP has fielded Patra from Puri as its candidate for this year’s Lok Sabha polls. Known for causing controversies with his outrageous comments during TV debates, Patra has a huge task at hand to win his first significant electoral battle. We will know on 23 May if he’s as successful a mass leader as he’s been a TV debater.

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