Controversial swamy kicked out of Bigg Boss, calls Salman Khan ISI agent


Controversial contestant Swami Om has been evicted from “Bigg Boss-10” following his indecent behaviour. Speaking to a news channel, the Swami blamed the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, behing his forced ouster. And if that wasn’t enough, he called the show’s host, Salman Khan, an ISI agent and anti-national.

He alleged that Salman had forced him to eat non-veg food during his time on the reality show.

His ouster from the hit reality show came after trouble began in the house during a captaincy task lasgt week between Swami Om and VJ Bani where both had to build their own pyramids while housemates can take sides and destroy anyone’s pyramid.

According to sources, the housemates broke Swami Om’s pyramid, which angered him.

In a fit of rage, Om indulged in indecent acts including allegedly throwing his urine on other contestants following which all the contestants asked Bigg Boss to take strict action against him.

Om had been creating nuisance and troubling co-contestants on the show for a while. Despite repeated warnings, his behaviour on the show remained unacceptable and hence, he was shown the door.

The episode with Om’s ouster was aired on Friday night with even Salman being present there.

The Bajrangi Bhaijan actor said that he was happy with the channel’s decision on ‘dhongi baba’ adding that he would have gone inside the house to throw Swami out himself, just like Priyanka Jagga, if the channel had not taken this decision.

Not so long ago, another contestant Priyanka Jagga was also evicted from the house allegedly due to her bad behaviour.

The controversial Swami had first hit media headlines after he physically assaulted a fellow panellist on IBN7 during a Live debate programme on Radhe Maa.

(With additional inputs from PTI)