Salman Khan warns of breaking ties with Colors TV. Watch why?


Actor Salman Khan has warned Colors TV that he will never work with the channel if it ever employed the Bigg Boss contestant, Priyanka Jagga, who the actor had evicted from the reality show in a fit of anger.

Commoner contestant Priyanka Jagga was asked to leave from “Bigg Boss” following her appalling behaviour on the controversial reality show.

Priyanka, who exited the house in the very first week of the show going on air, was brought back as a wild card entry.

Upon her return she stooped to a new low everyday either by passing unsavoury comments on other contestants especially females or picking up random fights and hurling abuses at them.

She also made comments on the death of Manu Punjabi’s mother days after he returned to the house after performing her last rites.

Following all this drama throughout the week, host Salman Khan demands explanation from her but to his surprise, Priyanka starts giving nasty replies and disrespect to him in the bargain, a release issued here said.

However, Priyanka pays no heed and goes on a rant about how the contestants ill-treated her when she was unwell.

Salman responds by saying that what she did was completely unacceptable and she has maligned people’s character, it said.

Paying no heed to her drama, Salman tells that he loathes her actions and asks her to leave the Bigg Boss house with immediate effect.

The Dabangg Khan even said, “If Priyanka ever comes on this show or any other show on Colors, I will never work with the channel again.”

The “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” star expresses his displeasure and reprimands the contestants for turning the house into a war zone during the BB Hostel task.

The 50-year-old star says that the contestants were given a simple and entertaining task to perform but it ironically brought the entire house down because of few people’s unjust behaviour hinting towards Priyanka and Swami Om. Salman asked contestant Manveer to get a cloth from the store room and seal Swami Om’s mouth to spare everyone from a verbal torture.

Appreciating contestant Manu’s efforts for maintaining some peace and harmony inside the house, Salman gives him the title of ‘Man of the Week’. The show is aired on Colors channel.

(With PTI inputs)