“Right wing icons Kangana, Sadhguru” face condemnation for justifying cow terrorism


Self proclaimed controversial godman Sadhguru and equally controversial Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut have been in news for all sorts of wrong reasons in the recent times.

Kangana was hailed by feminist groups when she took on actor Hrithik Roshan accusing him of having an extramarital relationship with her in the past. She also earned plenty of plaudits when she sensationally accused filmmaker Karan Johar of nepotism.

But soon after she made her political ambition known to everyone by publicly aligning with the right-wing Hindutva ideology, many of her supporters, who stood with her during her past controversies, felt incredibly disappointed.

As for Sadhguru, his detractors have often accused accused him of indulging in fraud in the past while also alleging that he too had become the fan of the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Both are in news again for their controversial comments justifying murders in the name of cow. Both have become a topic of intense social media conversation after the video of their chat went viral. In the video, both of them are seen slamming India’s liberal class while justifying mob lynching by right-wing terrorists masquerading as cow vigilantes.

At one place, Kangana is heard saying, “I’m working on a martyr’s biopic Manikarnika  where there is a scene where my protagonist, Laxmi Bai, goes and saves a calf. My crew had a discussion, we halted the shoot. They said ‘we can’t save a calf’ because we don’t want to look like cow savers.”

She then goes on to add, “When such a prejudice thrives, as a person you feel very protective of who you are and what your values are, and you want to save all animals and you definitely want to save the cows because the prejudice is really agonising. But (then) lynching for cows takes place and you look like an idiot. You feel conflicted. You want to save the animals but when the lynching happens, you feel heartbroken at what’s going on. You feel this is wrong.”

Sadhguru, while talking about lynching in India, says, “I am saying that these people, who are talking about lynchings, they’ve not seen India at all.” He was referring to the justification for violence in the name of cattle in the Holy books of Hinduism.

As expected, Twitter erupted in anger with calling both of them ‘stupid.’ One user Od wrote, “Right wing icons Kangana & Sadhguruji criticize liberals and sort of justify people getting violent to protect cows in India.”

YouTuber Dhruv Rathee wrote, “I supported Jaggi in Rally for Rivers & appreciate Kangna’s movies but what they’re talking here is ridiculous!
– Calling Liberals as Fanatics
– Normalizing Mob Lynching by calling it “Real India”
– Kangana agreeing to it & saying it happens in her village”

User Shvetal tweeted, “Kangana Ranaut can understand the nuances of privilege and the dangers of terms like ‘eugenics’ but does not understand systemic majoritarian violence. Is she stupid or does she think we are?”

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