Revealed! Goldy Brar’s connection to Sidhu Moosewala’s murder; Canada concert’s ticket sale was delayed due to security threat


In a chilling revelation, it has emerged that Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar’s claims to have masterminded Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala’s murder may not have been just a PR stunt. A close scrutiny of local media coverage from Canada’s west coast reveals how authorities had halted the ticket sale of Moosewala’s forthcoming concert due to security threats.

Sidhu Moosewala


Moosewala, a hugely popular singer amongst the Sikh diaspora in Canada, was scheduled to perform in Vancouver on 23 July. A local Sikh, who recently moved to British Columbia from Punjab’s Ludhiana district, told Janta Ka Reporter, “There was plenty of excitement amongst us for his upcoming tour. We were waiting for the ticket window to open until we heard that the organisers had temporarily stopped the sale due to some kind of security threat.”

Billed as Back 2 Business, Moosewala’s forthcoming tour was meant to cover at least eight cities in Canada and the US. Tickets for his Vancuour leg of the concert were priced between $75 and $200 without service charge.

The ticket window was meant to open a lot earlier, but the authorities decided to postpone the sale.

PNE’s TicketLeader’s Spokeswoman Laura Ballance had said that the delay in opening the ticket window was due to a last-minute development as the venue decided to conduct the risk assessment in parallel.

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“As of this afternoon, we are not able to fully ascertain the full level of public safety risks with this particular event,” Ballance said. “So out of an abundance of caution, through our conversations that we’ve had today with our public safety stakeholders, we are not going to go on sale tomorrow until we complete the public safety risk assessment,” Ballance was quoted as saying by the Richmond News website.

It’s not a coincidence that a Canada-based gangster, Goldy Brar, claimed responsibility for the murder of Moosewala immediately after the news of the singer’s killing emerged.

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Moosewala had real threats to his life. In 2019, a man was stabbed during Moosewala’s appearance at the Bollywood Banquet Halls and Convention Centre in Canada. There was an incident of shots being fired at a Calgary banquet hall where Moosewala was performing in May this year.

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Born on 11 June 1993 as Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, Moosewala was a singer, rapper, lyricist, songwriter and actor associated with Punjabi music and films. He had shot to fame with his song So High. A native of Moosa village of the Mansa district in Punjab, the singer went on to release three studio albums, one extended play and sixty-three singles as a lead artist.

He had also extended his support to Akali Dal’s