Rare embarrassing gaffe by Amitabh Bachchan on KBC, wrongly pronounces Urdu word; Sony TV removes mistake from web platform


Amitabh Bachchan made a rare mistake by wrongly pronouncing an Urdu word while warning a contestant of consequences from his wife for wasting two lifelines on a question related to the meaning of an Urdu word.

Amitabh Bachchan

The question that brought embarrassment both to the contestant from Bihar and the Sony TV’s host, was for Rs 10,000. It read, “What does the word ‘Gul’ mean in the name of the town Gulmarg?” The options were Cheek, Flower, Water and Heaven. The contestant decided to use one of his lifelines as he expressed his ignorance on the correct answer to the question. He first used his 50:50 lifeline, prompting Amitabh Bachchan to eliminate the two options leaving Water and Flower on the screen.

The contestant said that he wanted to use another lifeline, leaving his wife visibly stunned. Bachchan too was shocked as he said, “He Bhagwan, Saurabh ji. Now you are left with three lifelines.”

The contestant asked the KBC host to flip the question, meaning that the computer would generate a new question according to his preference of the topic.

Bachchan said, “How could you not know the correct answer? Gul means flower.” the KBC host continued, “Brother, I am pained. I thought this was an easy question. And you used two of your lifelines.”

But little did Bachchan realise that he himself had erred on the pronunciation of an Urdu word as he warned the contestant of consequences at home. Instead of using the word hashr (consequences), the Bollywood megastar uttered the word harsh, which is a Hindi word, meaning happiness.

The rare mistake by Bachchan, who enjoys impeccable command over languages, largely went unnoticed. But there were a few eagle-eyed who tagged the KBC host on Twitter to highlight his mistake.

The mistake by Bachchan went on air in the show’s repeat broadcast on Tuesday morning. However, the makers of the show now appear to have edited the embarrassing error from its web platform, Sonyliv.