“Quit journalism and start some other business Anjana Om Modi”: Alka Lamba launches tirade against anchor after walking out of Aaj Tak show


Congress leader Alka Lamba has launched a tirade against Aaj Tak anchor Anjana Om Kashyap asking her to change her profession and quit journalism. In an all-out attack on Kashyap, Lamba also mocked the Aaj Tak anchor by adding ‘Modi’ to her surname.

Lamba was angry by Kashyap’s intervention during a live TV show this week when she asked the former AAP MLA of to not name the Hyderabad rape and murder victim citing a Supreme Court guideline. Lamba had accused Kashyap of running agenda-driven journalism by singling her out. Incensed by Kashyap’s behaviour, she had walked out of the show.

Lamba’s decision to quit the LIVE debate show on Aaj Tak had earned her plenty of plaudits from social media users and other political parties such as the Rashtriya Janata Dal.

Hours later, Lamba shared a tweet posted by Kashyap, who herself had named the Hyderabad rape and murder victim. Taking a potshot at Kashyap, Lamba wrote, “Anjana Om Kashyap, you were telling me yesterday that you respected the Supreme Court guidelines and it was I who took the name of the rape victim. Have some shame. It would be better if you quit journalism and start some other business. Anjana Om Modi…Sorry Anjana Om Kashyap.”

Kashyap replied saying that the day she posted the above tweet, everyone else was taking the rape victim’s name adding that she respected the guideline issued by the local administration to not name her and use ‘Disha’ to describe her new identity.

What Kashyap did not write was that the guidelines to not name the victim of sexual assault are not new. Section 228A of the Indian Penal Code bars anyone from disclosing the identities of sexual assault victims. Anyone found to be violating this law is liable to pay a hefty fine and face imprisonment of up to two years.

Last year, the Delhi High Court had imposed a penalty of Rs 10 lakh each against least 12 media houses after they named the Kathua gang-rape and murder victim.