Priyanka Chopra accused of promoting nuclear war as tension between India and Pakistan escalates


Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra recently faced public criticism at an event in LA for promoting nuclear war between India and Pakistan. This was after a member of the audience, identified as Ayesha Malik, called her a hypocrite since the Quantico actress had allegedly called for a nuclear between India and Pakistan through her tweet in February this year. The video of Priyanka being heckled by an audience member surfaced amidst the tension between India and Pakistan escalated alarmingly.

Priyanka Chopra

In the video, Malik is seen posing her question by declaring the famous Indian actress a hypocrite. She declared, “It was kind of hard hearing you talk about humanity, because as your neighbour, a Pakistani, I know you’re a bit of a hypocrite.” She then referred to a tweet posted by Priyanka in February, when she, according to the woman in the video, promoted nuclear war between the two hostile south Asian countries. “You tweeted on 26 February ‘Jai Hind #IndianArmedForces.’ You are a Unicef Ambassador for Peace. And you are encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan. There’s no winner in this. As a Pakistani, like millions of people, have supported you. You have no business in calling for a nuclear war.”

It was at this point that the organisers snatched the mic away from the woman. Priyanka, who is now married to US pop star Nick Jonas, replied, “I hear you. Whenever you’re done venting. Got it? Done? Okay, cool.” Priyanka said that war was not something that she was really ‘fond of’ but she was ‘patriotic.’ “I think that all of us have a sort of middle ground that we all have to walk.”

She added, “The way you came at me right now, girl, don’t yell. We’re all here for love. Don’t yell. Don’t embarrass yourself.”

India and Pakistan have fought several wars over the issue of Kashmir. The two countries have recently expelled each other’s ambassadors after India revoked Article 370 on Jammu and Kashmir.