“Media trying hard to demolish brand Tina Dabi”: Anger after newspaper links IAS topper’s honeymoon to ex-husband Athar Aamir Khan; controversial headline deleted


Twitter has exploded in anger after a Hindi newspaper linked IAS topper Tina Dabi’s honeymoon photos with Dr. Pradeep Gawande by linking them to her ex-husband Athar Aamir Khan. The newspaper in question has since deleted the controversial headline but the development has prompted the supporters of IAS topper to conclude that there was an attempt to demolish the brand Tina Dabi since she hails from the Dalit community.

Athar Aamir Khan

Tina had recently shared a series of photos of her honeymoon with her husband Dr. Pradeep Gawande from Goa. This was around the same time her ex-husband Athar Aamir Khan announced his engagement to Dr. Mehreen Qazi. A headline by Hindi newspaper Dainik Jagran read, “2500 kms away from her ex-husband Athar Aamir Khan, IAS Tina Dabi is on honeymoon in Goa, see photos.”

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Many supporters of Tina took to Twitter to highlight the desperate attempts by a section of the media to link the development to the IAS topper’s ex-husband. One wrote, “The @JagranNews headline is utterly misogynist. Have you any respect for an IAS officer? Sack this casteist Faisal. Congratulations.💐💐 @dabi_tina.”

Another commented, “Media is trying hard to demolish brand Tina Dabi who inspires SC/ST/OBC students aspiring for UPSC. This is exactly similar to
@Mayawati. Media tried to demolish brand Mayawati with relentless negativity. Neither Mayawati took cognisance of it nor we did & the result is before us.”

Faced with criticism, Jagran deleted the original headline and changed it to ‘IAS Tina Dabi shared photos of her vacation from Goa.’

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While netizens were happy to see the corrective action taken by Jagran newspaper, they demanded action against the author of the original article. Glad to see @JagranNews deleted Its tweet and edited the headline after our abjection. But when will you sack this casteist and misogynist Mohd Faisal?”

Another user wrote, “Just simply deleting after the outrage is not even bare minimum. The responsible person should apologise!”