Major win for Sara Ali Khan’s mother Amrita Singh in legal battle over expensive Dehradun property


Amrita Singh, mother of Sara Ali Khan and former wife of Saif Ali Khan, has won a major legal battle over an expensive Dehradun property. This was after Singh’s aunt Tahira Bimbet requested the civil judge, Ramesh Singh, to dismiss the case since her brother Madhusudan with whom she had the dispute has died now.

The property, worth crores, had become a centre of dispute after Amrita Singh claimed ownership over it. Tahira too was claiming ownership and was in legal battle with her brother Madhusudan when he was alive.

Tahira, who is in her 70s, requested the judge through her lawyer Manoj Saili since there was no one to challenge her plea, the case should be dismissed. The judge agreed with Saili and dismissed the case.

With the case being dismissed, Amrita Singh and her aunt Tahira Bimbet will be the new joint owners.

Amrita’s lawyer was quoted by News18, “Now we shall approach district magistrate to complete formalities to transfer the property in my client’s name.”

The property in dispute is in Clement Town, which Amrita Singh and Sara Ali Khan claim should be handed over to them. Madhusudan’s father was an Air Force officer, whose daughter from his first wife was Rukhsana Sultana, Amrita Singh’s mother. Rukhsana Sultana reportedly had close links with Sanjay Gandhi, the younger son of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, during the Emergency.

Rukhsana was a known socialite and enjoyed a huge political clout because of her proximity to Sanjay Gandhi. However, she withdrew from public life after the Emergency.

Website writes about her life:

“Rukhsana was born as Meenu Bimbet, the daughter of Group Captain Madan Mohan Bimbet by his wife Zarina Haque. Group Captain Bimbet was a Hindu and an officer in the Indian Air Force. His wife Zarina was a Muslim, and the daughter of Mian Ehsan-ul-haque, sometime Chief Justice of the princely state of Bikaner in northern Rajasthan. Ehsan-ul-haque came from a landowning family, originally from Jalandhar in Punjab. His other daughter (Sultana’s maternal aunt) was the actress Begum Para, wife of actor, Nasir Khan, a brother of Dilip Kumar and mother of actor Ayub Khan.”

After Rukhsana’s father divorced her mother, he married one Asha Bimbet, from whom he had two children Madhusudan and Tahira Bimbet. Tahira too had approached the court staking her claim on the Clement Town property in Dehradun.

Given the high-profile nature of the case, the Uttarakhand’s BJP government had decided to stay neutral and avoid any immediate intervention in the case. “This is a civil court property dispute and we will not interfere in the matter,” Director General of Police (DGP) Anil Raturi was quoted by news agency IANS.

Sara’s debut film Kedarnath was shot in Uttarkhand as it was based on the devastating floods of 2013 in the hilly state. Her intimate scenes with a Muslim character in film, played by Sushant Singh Rajput had become hugely controversial with Hindutva outfits demanding a ban on the film in the state. The film was later banned in Uttarakhand.