Madhya Pradesh bureaucrat Niyaz Khan considers name change to avoid mob lynching, wants Muslim Bollywood stars to do same


A Muslim bureaucrat in Madhya Pradesh has made a stunning announcement that he was seriously considering changing his name to save himself from mob lynchings. Niyaz Khan also urged Bollywood stars with Muslim names to do the same.

Muslim bureaucrat

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In a series of social media posts, Khan wrote, “For the last six months I am looking for a new name for this book and for myself so that I could hide my Muslim identity. To save myself from the sword of hate it is must.” He wrote this while sharing the cover photo of his upcoming book Tale Of A Nocturnal Lover.

He added, “The new name will save me from the violent crowd. If I have no topi, no kurta and no beard I can get away easily by telling my fake name to the crowd. However, if my brother is wearing traditional clothes and has beard he is in most dangerous situation.”

Shifting his attention to Bollywood, Khan urged Hindi film stars with Muslim names to reflect on why their films had suddenly stopped performing at the box office. He wrote, “Bollywood actors of my community should also start finding a new name to protect their movies. Now even the top stars movies have started to flop. They should understand the meaning.”

Lynching Muslims to death while forcing them to chant Jai Shri Ram have become a routine practice in India, particularly in northern Indian states. In Madhya Pradesh, where the Congress came to power in December last year, several incidents of mob lynchings have taken place even under the government headed by Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

On Sunday, a group of 24 men who claimed to be transporting cattle to an animal fair in Maharashtra were thrashed and forced to chant gau mata ki jai by a gang of Hindutva terrorists masquerading as cow vigilantes, reported NDTV.

The viral video of the violence showed at least 15 men being tied together with rope and forced to kneel by the side of the road, in full view of the public. These men hail from Khandwa, Sehore, Dewas and Harda districts in Madhya Pradesh with at least six of them being Muslims.




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