Why is Madhya Pradesh top cop singing Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna?

Cops in India are notorious for their aggressive and no-nonsense approach. Instilling fear among the ordinary masses usually seems to be an integral part of their identity.

So, expecting anything remotely melodious appears to be an idea too good to be true.

Well the top cop of Madhya Pradesh has done precisely that by proving the myth utterly wrong.

Madhya Pradesh DGP Surendra Singh on Sunday showcased his amazing singing talent when he sang popular Bollywood retro number Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna for his junior colleagues.

The occasion was the annual IPS Meet and Singh had the entire crowd regaled through his melodious voice.

As reported by News18, Singh was soon  joined by other police officers ibcluding Aruna M Rao, her IAS husband Mohan Rao, Kailash Makwana, Ruchi Mishra and Abha Singh.

Singh’s talent left many surprised as the DGP is known for his stern look and has seldom been seen even smiling in public.

Former DGP Nandan Dubey too joined the party as he sang Kishore Kumar’s Ye Raten, Ye Mausam, Nadin Ka Kinara.

The cops exhibited their talent as a part of cultural evening organised under IPS Service Meet in Bhopal. They were accompanied by their children as well.


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