Lisa Ray confronted by fan who questions her for agreeing to have photos clicked that portrayed women as sexual objects


Actress Lisa Ray has lashed out at Kolkata’s The Telegraph accusing sexism. The actress took to her social media pages accusing the newspaper of choosing to carry her photo, where she was seen scantily dressed.

Lisa Ray

She wrote on Twitter,”Does anyone else see the irony in using THIS image – instead of an author image provided- for an article about my memoir @CloseToTheBone_ where I talk about struggling as a women (sic) with overcoming sexist stereotypes? Just landed in Kolkata and I must say I’m disappointed @ttindia.”

She did not end here. Lisa Ray composed a longer message on her Instagram page to vent out her frustration against the Kolkata-based English daily. Repeating that she was disappointed with the newspaper’s action, she wrote, “Unless I’m missing the punchline?” Terming it ‘casual sexism,’ she wrote, “I’ve written in depth on this manner of casual sexism during the 90s in India in but it seems it still persists. We NEED to change the narrative. What say?”

There were many who agreed with her but a considerably large number of social media users including women questioned her why she had agreed to have this photo clicked in the first place. One user on Instagram asked, “I agree with your view on this, but, at the same time, you did agree to have this photo and I’m sure loads of others taken portraying women as sexual objects.”

Lisa replied, “I don’t object to the photo – but the context. In this case I believe the copy editor didn’t even read the copy – because the image is in direct contradiction to what is said in the article. That’s what is ironic. Have you read the copy? I encourage you to then view how it contradicts the text. It’s bad journalism and casual sexism and I refuse to just brush it.”

Author and actor Arshad Warsi’s wife Maria Goretti wrote, ” Yes Lisa, I’m so glad , you did.” Actress Aditi Govitrikar agreed, “Absolutely.”

While promoting her book Close To The Bone, Lisa had told news agency PTI that she hated to be ‘labelled and put into boxes’ but she had to deal with it ‘since a young age because I was a sex symbol at the age of 16.’

Lisa Ray shot to fame after she appeared in a music video Afreen Afreen featuring late music maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. She went on to act in several Bollywood films including Kasoor, Bollywood/Hollywood, Deepa Mehta’s Water and Dobaara among others.