Kkusum fame Nausheen Ali Sardar lashes out at haters after deleting controversial photos


Nausheen Ali Sardar is a popular name for Indian TV viewing public because of her role in the hit drama series Kkusum. The actress is returning to TV with another serial Aladin from 15 August.

The popular actress faced incessant trolling for her recent photos that her critics felt were photoshopped. One report had said “Her cheeks are fluffier, her eyeliner is stronger and her pics are bathed in beauty filters that make it a task to separate her nose from the rest of her face.”

Now Nausheen has broken her silence after having deleted all her photos that came under scrutiny. Taking to Instagra with another photo, Nausheen addressed her trolls, Dear troller- IF U HAVE AN OPINION…MY ADVISE IS….EAT IT FOR BREAKFAST LUNCH AND DINNER ? I follow a diet-called EAT RIGHT…? NOT ALLOWED CRAP.. (sic)”

Later talking to an entertainment portal, Nausheen said that the decision to delete her controversial photos was a result of her ‘initial reaction.’

“It was like Newton’s law of action and reaction. I saw my pictures being used without my permission. And on that people were busy writing their own opinion. I didn’t even realise it until my Instagram followers started increasing and I was shocked like in such less time so many numbers. I was like – Ye kya ho raha hai? Press main kuch aaya hai kya mere bare mein?

…And then when I saw people were leaving comments on my pics and my followers were increasing – I was like I am not getting into it. So that moment I just thought let me delete my pictures. They were writing about my hair, also that my eyebrows are too thick, there is too much makeup, my lipstick colour is too bright. I got too irritated and that’s why I deleted my pictures,” she told Spotboye.com.