Katrina Kaif cuts sorry figure this birthday post ‘break-up’ with Ranbir Kapoor


Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif’s birthday was a big deal last year not just for herself but also for her fraternity in the Hindi film industry since she was reportedly in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor. Amidst big pomp and show, Katrina had cut a cake and giving her the much-needed company was her rumoured boyfriend Ranbir. (see video below)

One year down the line, Katrina’s personal life appears to have changed as the Bollywood star marked her birthday in ignominy. Ranbir is no longer in her life and has reportedly started dating Alia Bhatt.

Katrina, who’s currently outside India, kept posting photos that showed just how lonely she’s been lately. Such loneliness becomes even more painful during certain occasions such as birthdays when memories from the past begin to haunt particularly in unfavourable circumstances.

In one photo that Katrina posted from outside India, she looked lost in her thoughts while sitting on a bale of hay. Her caption read, “Haydreaming.”

Haydreaming ….??

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In another photo, she was seen standing next to a water body, with her female friends. She wrote, “Out to sea.” Once again, there was no visible celebration in the air.

Out to sea ?

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On her birthday, Katrina posted a photo of herself standing somewhere in the countryside while posing for the camera. Wishing herself ‘Happy Birthday,’ Katrina wrote, “My 21 st birthday today …… ok fine …..plus a few more years ???credit my MOM.”

Several Bollywood stars made desperate attempts to cheer her up, but they failed to elicit any response from Katrina. This appeared to sum up the sadness that has engulfed Katrina post her reported break-up with Ranbir.

Friend Arjun Kapoor wrote a nice quirky message on Instagram by posting a funny ‘before and after’ photo of himself with Katrina together, but she chose not to even acknowledge his birthday wish. Alia Bhatt, who is now reportedly dating Ranbir, too made it a point that she wished the latter’s ex-girlfriend. Even Deepika Padukone, another reported ex-girlfriend of Ranbir, wished her on her birthday. Once again, Katrina chose to look the other way.

Later in the day, Shah Rukh Khan took to Twitter to wish Katrina when he wrote, “It’s Katrina Kaif’s Birthday and we all at #Zero miss her!!! Maybe I should put a picture of her from the film and send out a loud Happy Birthday wherever she is??!!

Shah Rukh went a step further and posted a photo of Katrina from their next film Zero with a cute message on Instagram, “There are so many lovely pictures of her, but this one speaks to me beyond my friends beauty….hope u all also give it love. @katrinakaif” Once again, there was no response from Katrina.

The king Khan then posted a long profound message for Katrina outlining her qualities perhaps in a bid to bring a smile on her face. (Read below).

Katrina has shown incredible grace even amidst reports of Ranbir publicly his relationship with Alia. All she had done was to update her Insta story once with a cryptic message that read, “I will believe it when I see it or I will see it when I believe it.” It seems this birthday was when it finally dawned upon her that Ranbir had indeed shifted his attention from her to Alia and she too needed to move on in life .