Kapil Sharma forced to praise Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show after audience intervention; Krushna Abhishek launches rhinoceros jibe for veteran actress


Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show found herself at the receiving end once again as Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek targeted her with jokes incessantly. However, Kapil had to concede his ground and praise Archana after a set of the show’s audience members said that they found Archana incredibly sweet.

A DJ-cum-singer from Delhi, identified as Kunal, joined The Kapil Sharma Show from Delhi and spoke about his journey as a music artist, who also earned his living by working as a female chorus singer. The music artist from Delhi said that since female chorus singers cost more than their male counterparts, he and his uncle often sang in a female voice.

Surprised by the revelation, Archana said, “Ye nahi pata tha (I didn’t know this).” Not to miss the opportunity to take a dig at Archana, Kapil said with folded hands, “Ab wahan mat chale jaana (Now don’t go and join them).”

This left everyone including Kapil’s guest, singer Mika Singh, in splits.

But this wasn’t the only joke that Kapil cracked at the expense of the veteran actress. When Kapil went to another set of audience via video conference, his guests appeared to be smitten by Archana.

But Kapil warned them jokingly that Archana ‘will come wearing a mask and kidnap’ them. To which, the callers comprising three members of a family disagreed with Kapil and said that Archana was a very sweet person and they were big fans of The Kapil Sharma Show judge.

Left with no choice, Kapil conceded his ground and said that Archana was indeed a sweet person.

But Archana’s woes continued as Krushna Abhishek targeted her incessantly by cracking animal jokes on her. Kapil asked Krushna to explain the animal connection with Archana. To which, Krushna used a rhinoceros jibe for Archana accusing her of collecting extortion money from the animal.

Krushna, who was playing the role of a rat, asked Archana how he was looking in his new attire. Archana said, “beautiful.” Krushna decided to embarrass her once again by saying, “You should at least stop judging a rat.”