Kangana Ranaut vows to exit ‘virtual world’ after Twitter temporarily restricts account for tweet calling for beheading on Saif Ali Khan-starrer Tandav controversy


Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has vowed to make her detractors’ life miserable after Twitter ‘temporarily restricted’ her account following her tweet calling for the beheading of those responsible for the Amazon web series Tandav. The web series starring Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Dimple Kapadia and Zeeshan Ayub has triggered controversy for allegedly hurting the sentiments of a religious group. Kangana also threatened to leave the ‘virtual world’ if Twitter took further action against her.

Responding to a tweet from a right-wing user, Kangana had called for the beheading of those associated with the Amazon web series Tandav. She had tweeted, “Because even Lord Krishna forgave 99 mistakes of Sheshupala…. time to take their heads off…Jai Shri Krishan…” The controversial actor had signed off her tweet with a smiley emoji.


Her Tweet calling for large-scale violence prompted Twitter users to write to the microblogging site demanding the suspension of her account. Whilst it’s not clear if Twitter indeed took any action against her, Kangana took to Twitter to inform that her account had been temporarily suspended. The controversial tweet has also disappeared from her timeline.

She wrote, “Librus cried to their chacha @jack and got my account temporarily restricted, they are threatening me mera account/virtual identity kabhi bhi desh keliye shaheed ho sakti hai,magar my reloaded desh bhakt version will reappear through my movies.Tumhara jeena dushwar karke rahungi.”

In her subsequent tweet, Kangana threatened to leave Twitter as she repeated the threat to make her detractors’ life miserable. She wrote, “Anti nationals are trending #SuspendKanganaRanaut …. please do, when they suspended Rangs I came and made their lives even more miserable,now if they suspend me will exit virtual world and in real world will show you real Kangana Ranaut- the mother of all fathers #babbarsherni.”

Hindutva groups have called for strict action against the makers and actors of Tandav for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of a religious group. Ali Abbas Zafar, the creator and director of the web series, had issued an apology, adding that Tandav was a work of pure fiction. In his subsequent social media post, Zafar had written, “We just want to share a quick update with everybody. We are in further engagement with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to resolve the concerns that have been raised. We value your continued patience and support, and should have a solution shortly.”

Meanwhile, hashtag #SuspendKanganaRanaut has become a top trending topic on Twitter with users demanding a permanent ban on the controversial actor Kangana.