Jasleen Matharu lashes out at Anup Jalota, wants bhajan singer to be truthful about their relationship

Photo: Tweeted by Colors TV

Bigg Boss 12 contestant Jasleen Matharu on Saturday lashed out at bhajan singer Anup Jalota for denying that the two were not in a romantic relationship. This was after Jalota denied being in a romantic relationship with Jasleen, who he said was just his student.

Speaking to Hina Khan, last year’s runner up of the Bigg Boss show, Jasleen denied allegations that she had faked her relationship with Jalota to bag the reality show. Jasleen said that she had been with Jalota for four years adding that there was no truth in what the singer has been saying to media after his eviction.

Jasleen said that Jalota may have become conscious about their relationship because of the age gap between them. She said angrily that Jalota will have to explain the reason for his turnaround since it was their joint decision to publicly admit that they were in a romantic relationship.

She later told her housemate Megha that Jalota had shown a sign of weakness by succumbing to public pressure. “I am still honest about our relationship, but Anup ji has changed his stance. Who is bold then?” Jasleen said that she will speak to Jalota ‘face to face’ after she comes out of the show.

The two had stunned everyone by claiming to be in a relationship on the night they entered the Bigg Boss house. The stunning revelation had left Jasleen’s father seething in anger. He had even confessed that his friends advised him to carry out Jasleen’s honour killing.

Jalota had told Times Now, “Soon after Jasleen was offered this show, she contacted me. She asked me if I could be her partner on the show. I told her, ‘No, I don’t have that much time. I am always very busy.’ Then Jasleen’s father (Kesar Matharu) insisted that I go with his daughter. When he requested me twice or thrice, I complied. It was decided that we would enter the show as Guru-Shishya (teacher-student). Six days before Bigg Boss 12 started, Jasleen was picked up by the makers from her house, post which she lost contact with everyone.”