Khushi Kapoor is reportedly upset with Arjun Kapoor for ‘favourite child’ joke? Instagram post triggers debate


Actor Arjun Kapoor recently penned down an emotional post on Instagram to wish his father Boney Kapoor on his 63rd birthday. The entire Kapoor clan had come together to celebrate to celebrate Boney Kapoor’s first birthday without Sridevi, who died in Dubai earlier this year.

Wishing his Dad on his birthday, Arjun wrote, “U made a film Called #MrIndia the film had a very relevant line ‘Zindagi ki yahi Reet hai haar ke baad hi jeet hai ‘ after the bad, comes the good dad Happy birthday have a lifetime full of happiness from ur family ur 3 kids and @khushi05k the legend & ur Favourite child !!!”

His last line singling out his half-sister Khushi Kapoor became a topic of intense social media discussion as some eagle-eyed users highlighted that Arjun’s joke appeared to have offended Khushi. One fan felt that Arjun may have stretched the ‘favourite child’ joke a bit too far. Another fan agreed, “OMG yes! finally someone noticed it. On Khushi’s birthday, she replied to EVERYBODY who posted about her – from her sister, to Sonam to Anshula, to Anjini to pretty much everyone EXCEPT Arjun Kapoor. lololol its so awkward its funny. but hey, atleast she got enough backbone to have an opinion, unlike big sis jaanu.”

This user’s observation suggests that Khushi hasn’t been at good terms with Arjun. However, not everyone was in agreement with this observation. One user wrote, “I don’t have time to wait for ur reply, research and give answers.And likes r common for insensitive comments with single point of view. U live in ur observed truth and I live in reality.”

After Sridevi’s tragic death in Dubai this year, the two familes had really bonded well as both Arjun and Anshula, Boney Kapoor’s children from first wife Mona Shourie Kapoor, made conscious efforts to provide the much-needed protection to Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor.

However, Arjun had later told newspaper that he he still didn’t have answers to a lot of things.’ “Too much has happened and I wouldn’t wish these things even on my worst enemies. I’ve experienced it first-hand, so if I encompass everything in one answer, it would make the matter very small,” he had told Hindustan Times.

The Ki & Ka actor then said that his decision to protect Janhvi and Khushi post Sridevi’s death was because he ‘felt impulsively at that point’ adding that ‘between me and my sister(Anshula), we felt that it was the right thing to do.’

Arjun revealed that their decision to provide protection to Janhvi and Khushi in the immediate aftermath of Sridevi’s death was only after they consulted their aunt- Mona Kapoor’s sister. “I’ll always need her consent (for certain things) for her to be fine about our actions,” he added.