Irrfan Khan’s controversial comments on Ramadan and Muharram spark controversy


Bollywood actor faced social media roasting on Thursday after his comments on Ramadan and Muharram became public.

Irrfan’s Madaari is scheduled to release in a few days. His comments appeared to have angered a lot of people.

India Today quoted him as saying, “Rather than fasting during Ramadan, people should self-introspect. Animals are being slaughtered on the name of qurbaani (sacrifice) during Muharram. We, Muslims, have made a mockery of Muharram. It is meant for mourning and what we do? Take out (tajiya) processions.”

The actor also reportedly criticised Muslims for not speaking up against terrorism.

He said, “Why Muslims are silent against the issue of terrorism. People should also question the politicians over this issue.”

The biggest criticism came from a known cleric in Jaipur, Irrfan’s hometown.

Maulana Abdul Wahid Khatri, state secretary of Jamaat-e-Ulema-e-Hind advised him to concentrate on his film career rather than speaking about religion.

“It would be better if he concentrates on his film career and not make random statements about our religion. He is doing this just for the publicity of his upcoming movie,” Khatri was quoted by DNA website.

Sher Qazi Khalid Usmani, Jaipur’s Shaher Qazi (chief jurist)said: “He should keep his mouth shut as he has no knowledge about the religion.”

Madaari directed by Nishikant Kamat is scheduled for release on 15 July 2016.