WATCH! Shloka Mehta’s mother-in-law Nita Ambani shares heart-wrenching story of Indian fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah in London


Nita Ambani wears many hats with her latest identity being the glamorous mother-in-law of Shloka Mehta, who married her son Akash Ambani in March this year. But, one of her most profound roles has been in helping India’s underprivileged through Reliance Foundation that she has been heading for several years. Nita delivered an emotional speech while sharing a gut-wrenching story of Jasprit Bumrah and how her IPL team Mumbai Indians helped him become one of the most menacing bowlers of India.

Nita Ambani

Speaking at Sports Business Summit in London, which is part of Leaders’ Week London 2019 event, Nita Ambani played a video of Bumrah’s journey from a poverty-stricken life to becoming a top-rated Indian sportsperson. The video carried the interviews of Bumrah and his mother, who said how the death of the Indian fast bowler left the family devastated. Bumrah was heard saying, “I had one pair of shoes, I used to have one pair of T-shirts. I used to wash them and use it again and again.”

Bumrah’s mother was heard saying, “He (Bumrah) has seen me struggle financially and physically… We had gone to the Nike shoes shop and I would not be able to afford that shoe. He saw that shoe and..” The mother’s voice gets choked in the video as she’s unable to recount her painful past. Bumrah then prods his mother saying, ‘It’s ok. It’s fine.”

“And he (Bumrah) said, ‘I’m going to buy these shoes one day. Now he ahs so many shoes.”

Speaking at the event, Nita Ambani said, “Today, Bumrah is an inspiration to countless young boys and girls. In the last ten years Mumbai Indians have discovered several young talents like Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya and so many more, I look forward to the day when every young boy and girl from remotest parts of the country can dare to dream and make it big.”

Nita Ambani’s Mumbai Indians had defeated Chennai Super Kings to lift this year’s IPL competition. However, one of the most talked-about aspects of the IPL final was Nita Ambani herself after she was seen fervently chanting mantras in the last couple of overs of the match.

Later photos of Shloka Mehta breaking into a happy dance as husband carried the IPL trophy had gone viral. Her simplicity to join her driver in celebrating the team’s victory had left some members of her entourage amused as they looked at her with a satisfying smile.