Humiliated and called out for lies by Cambridge University, Vivek Agnihotri cries foul on social media; Oxford Union postpones speaking engagement


Controversial filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has been an angry man after he faced considerable humiliation during his trip to the United Kingdom. First, Cambridge University publicly called out his lies by rejecting his claims that he had been invited by the prestigious British educational institution. To add insult to injury, his scheduled speaking engagement too was postponed, leaving the pro-Hindutva filmmaker seething.

Vivek Agnihotri
Photo tweeted by Vivek Agnihotri

Agnihotri and his team had inundated social media flaunting his so-called invitation from Cambridge University. In one of its tweets, Agnihotri’s ‘I am Buddha Foundation’ had shared the details of his scheduled programme at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge University. It wrote, “National award winners @vivekagnihotri and #PallaviJoshi will be speaking on DIGNITY AND RIGHT- In Kashmir at @FitzwilliamColl, Cambridge University Today at 6 PM. #HumanityTour.”

This was immediately refuted by Fitzwilliam College, which said the event was a part of a commercial booking and the college was not hosting the controversial filmmaker. “This is a commercial booking and is not hosted by Fitzwilliam College nor the University of Cambridge.”

The said event at Cambridge University did not go as per plans after Agnihotri was barred from filming the programme. He allegedly threw tantrums and blamed Pakistani and Kashmir Muslim students for this decision.

His lies were busted by those who were present at the venue. One user Trishant explained in detail outlining what exactly happened. He wrote, “On arrival @vivekagnihotri threw a tantrum and started rudely arguing with his own supporters, many of whom were #KashmiriPandits. He was upset as the venue decided to disallow video recording of his event to protect the identities of its students asking critical questions.”

The event at Cambridge University was not cancelled and it went ahead as planned but its filming was not allowed. Agnihotri, according to Trishant, used his ‘template ‘facts are not facts’ line of narrative and did not have anything to say to critical questions by students other than the usual ‘Hindu Khatrein mein hai’ propaganda.’

Agnihotri then uploaded a video from London saying that Oxford Union too had postponed his scheduled speaking engagement on 31 May. Calling the decision a sign that Hindus were in danger, Agnihotri said that Oxford Union had ‘cancelled Hindus and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ by postponing his speaking engagement.

Meanwhile, Agnihotri has threatened to sue Oxford Union and sought the support from his supporters.