“How was Maldives?”: Alia Bhatt faces grief from fans after she decides to use her social media account to ‘identify and amplify’ relevant information on pandemic


Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt’s decision to use her Instagram account to ‘identify and amplify’ relevant information related to the pandemic backfired as fans called her a hypocrite by taking a dig at her vacation to the Maldives amidst the human tragedy unfolding in India.

Alia took to Instagram on Monday to write, “It is a time of great uncertainty. Infrastructure and information are the need of the hour. We are limited in terms of what we can do for infrastructure. But we can do our bit to identify and amplify relevant information.”

However, no sooner did she share her post, she began to face grief from netizens. Taking a dig at Alia, one user asked, “HAHAHAH How was Maldives?” Another asked, “Ohh, back from Maldives.” “Aagyi wapas …..maldives se (You are back from Maldives?)” asked another user. Calling her ‘hypocrite,’ one Instagram user wrote, “Helping from Maldives hypocrite.”

Both Alia and her rumoured boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor were spotted at the Mumbai Airport on 19 April as they reportedly left for the Maldives. This coincided with a period when the latest wave of the pandemic began to wreak havoc across India. Her home city Mumbai was one of the worst affected.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui had lashed out at entertainment celebrities for sharing photos of their vacation from the Maldives when India suffered from its deadliest human catastrophes for several generations. Nawazuddin was quoted as saying, “These entertainment celebrities posting vacation pictures at a time when the world is reeling under the worst recession. Logon ke paas khana nahin hai aur aap paise phenk rahe ho. Kuch toh sharam karo. (People don’t have food to eat and you are spending money like water. Have some shame).”

Both Alia and Ranbir had tested positive for COVID-19 after second wave of the pandemic hit India. Informing about her diagnosis, Alia had written earlier this month, “Hello all. I have tested positive for Covid-19. I’ve immediately isolated myself and will be under home quarantine.” She continued, “I am following all safety protocols under the advice of my doctors.”

The famous actor had said that she was ‘grateful’ for the ‘love and support’ from her fans and well-wishers.