High Court adjourns hearing on Udta Punjab till Monday, Censor Board lawyer reveals objections to kinjar and Jackie Chan


Bombay High Court has adjourned the hearing on Udta Punjab for Monday, when it is also likely to pronounce verdict. The bench of Justice SC Dharmadhikari and Justice Shalini Phansalka, however, made some critical remarks for the Pahlaj Nihalani led CBFC.

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The CBFC also riased objection to a dog in the film being addressed as Jackie Chan.

Nihalani, a film producer himself and self-claimed ‘sycophant’ of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been condemned by Bollywood producers and directors. Outrside the fraternity, both Congress and the AAP too have accused the controversial CBFC chief of attempting to stall the film at the behest of the BJP, an ally of Punjab’s ruling Akali Dal, which they have attacked in their election campaigns over the drug menace.

Nihalani, for his part, has denied all allegations. He said, “The Centre never interferes with the censor board, there was no political influence.”

Here the highlights of today’s court proceedings:

CBFC to court

  • Kanjar word used in the movie gives bad light to the state, Punjab is an “upjau” state
  •  ‘Kanjar’ the word can be replaced
  • Don’t have objections with the film, but the word “kanjar” and others used in the movies do not fit.
  • There is a dog which has been named as Jackie Chan, that is also objectionable.


Court to CBFC

  • The word censor is not anywhere in the act. Your power is to certify films for public exhibition
  • Whether it is TV or cinema, let the people see it. Everybody has a choice
  • All this is giving unnecessary publicity to the film
  • They don’t even need promotional expenses…if you don’t want to see it, you have the remote control in your hands

Anurag Kashyap’s lawyer to Court

  • We have got the trailer passed with the same word ‘Chita Ve’
  • Filmmaker’s lawyer gives example to court – Delhi belly, Bandit Queen, Gangs of Wasseypur, they too had been passed
  • We have offered disclaimers in three parts to the effect that movie doesnt put any state in bad light

Meanwhile, a journalist with India Today was live tweeting the court’s proceedings. Shilpa Rathnam’s tweets factually reporting the hearing, where the judges slammed the CBFC’s lawyer have now gone viral. Going by her tweets, the dominating theme of the judges’ observation was that the verdict may be facourable to Anurag Kashyap except one cut, scene of main protagonist Shahid Kapoor urinating in public. Kashyap, according to reports, has agreed to comply with the cut, if judges indeed ask him to do so on Monday.